Behind the Sticker

You know how sometimes marketers will play up an item or good as if it’s really great because it’s their job to  convince you need it; but you find that once you have it, you’ve been suckered? Consider all those people who went to see “Fifty Shades of Grey” (just kidding…kind of…maybe…).

Staff Pick Sticker

At Island Bookstore, we would never, ever pull a bait and switch tactic on you. We promise. No, we don’t get to read every book in the store so we can’t guarantee that you’re going to love the one you’re purchasing; we’re awesome but we’re not superheroes.

Which is why we adorn specially selected books with STAFF PICK stickers. We don’t just wander around the store when we’re bored with a roll of stickers randomly slapping them on covers all willy-nilly. We only give STAFF PICK stickers of approval to those books we absolutely, genuinely love. And we want you to love them, too.

Another great thing about those stickers is that you can trust them to guide in your book selections. Sometimes the staff person/people working can’t always give you the attention you deserve. So seek out those books with STAFF PICK stickers, because you can be pretty sure there’s a good chance we would have shown you one of those books anyway.DSCN6561

I guess the point of all this talk of STAFF PICK is because we want you to know that you can trust us, trust our choices, and give one of the books we love a try. We’ve been doing this awhile, over 80 years of bookselling experience between all of us, and we would never steer you wrong – it’s just not our style.*

DSCN6557*That being said, taste differs from person to person; you might like broccoli while your best friend believes it to be a vile weed. Sooo….we might not hit the nail on the head every time, but give us a chance and we’ll prove ourselves to you!



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