Changes Afoot

Every once in a while we like to spice things up around here. Maybe we’ll set up a new display of books based on an employee’s suggestion. Sometimes, we prop the door open when it’s warm out. And when we’re feeling really crazy, watch out, because you just might walk into a mess.


Keeping our shelves organized and accessible requires constant maintenance. We like to face out pretty new covers or highlight titles of particular interest. Sometimes that means pulling every book off of a shelf and putting them back anew. Or, like this winter, it means taking apart entire sections and moving them around to new and different places in the store.

Genre Fiction

For those who frequent Kitty Hawk regularly, be prepared to be utterly confused the next time you come in to browse. Not only did we move around most of our fiction books into new places, but we also transported art, sports, travel, health, parenting and a few others into new locations we think will feature those titles better.

Of course, changes in the book buying habits of our customers facilitated the changes within our stores as well. It was time for us to acknowledge that customers no longer want to purchase hefty dictionaries and foreign language learning systems when such things are readily available on-line and as apps. Instead, you’ll find new sections dedicated to Outer Banks fiction and authors or lifestyle sections on LGBT and creativity.

Children's Outer Banks

And of course, we always welcome suggestions from our customers. If there is a section you would like to see in our stores, or one that you think should be bigger, we would love to hear from you.


Don’t worry, we don’t get crazy like this very often!


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