At The Bookstore This Week – 6/21/15

Port Starbird Port of RefugeThis Wednesday at Scarborough Faire Days we welcome mystery authors Garrett Dead Right ReturningDennis – Port Starbird and Port of Refuge, the Storm Ketchum Adventures – and Joseph Terrell – The Harrison Weaver Mystery Series. Both authors’ books are set on the Outer Banks and make for great beach reading. Mark your calendars for 1Pm, June 24.



What We’re Reading:

Anastasia – just finished Do No Harm by Henry Marsh – “Lately, all the books I read are connected to science because I want to be prepared for the next school semester I begin this fall. This book was amazing! It was not one of these dry science books, so I will recommend it to any vivid reader. It is written beautifully and feels like a conversation with the author. I will definitely suggest Do No Harm to anyone who is considering a medical career. It changed my view on surgeons and their jobs.”

Do No Harm






Bill – reading You are Not Special by David McCullough, Jr. – “David McCullough charmed everyone here when he came to celebrate the publication of his new Wright Brothers biography – which we all know is now a #1 bestseller.  I enjoyed reading McCullough, Sr. so much that I picked up a terrifically enthusiastic and erudite book by McCullough, Jr. It’s philosophical, it’s parenting, and it’s passionate about life but especially about students.”

You Are Not Special







Carrie – just finished Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke – “Fantastic, couldn’t put it down” – and also, Uprooted by Naomi Novik – “It was good, a quick fantasy read ideal for a beach day” – and re-read Geektastic edited by Holly Black – “Collection of short stories by young adult authors. Covers every type of geek or nerd topic, it’s a feel good book” – and started The Heir by Kiera Cass – “It’s different than the first three books in the series [The Selection], set 20 years later. Pretty good, living up to the first three.”

Geektastic Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell Heir Uprooted







Cindy (on Anastasia’s recommendation) – just finished Do No Harm by Henry Marsh- “It’s a about a neurosurgeon’s 30 year career. He takes you literally inside a person’s brain beginning with cutting into the brain with the scalpel. Marsh makes the science of the brain readable.”

Do No Harm


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