Q & A Part II with Kay Stone

We’re back with another Q&A session with children’s book author, Kay Stone. She’ll be at our Scarborough Faire Days Summer Signing this Wednesday, July 29, from 1-3pm.

Beach FairyNow that we’ve gotten to know your new work and a little about your love of reading, maybe you can share with us a few things about your writing life.
Q: Once again, when did you start writing?

A: Writing has always been an important part of my life. I wrote with my students, took writing classes, kept journals of everyday activities and, of course, funny happenings while caring for my grand girls, wrote family histories yearly while raising my two sons, wrote essays and poetry to get me through tough times, and always readily self-disclosed my dream to write a children’s book. Oh happy day in May of 2014 when Create Space, a division of Amazon.com, published my first book.

Q: What was your first published piece?

A: My first published pieces were newspaper articles when I wrote a teenage column for the local paper as a senior in high school. My next published work was my yearbook when I was co-editor in 1963. The Beach Fairy is my first book, and it will always be a loving legacy for my granddaughter Georgia as she is the little girl that inspired the tooth fairy to change into the beach fairy. My next book will be about Charlotte, my second born granddaughter, and it will be a Christmas story.

Q: Tell us about a day in your writing life:
A: A day in my writing life is spent at the computer hunting and pecking as I never had a formal typing class. That fact really dates me, doesn’t it? Since I followed the college-prep track in high school, business classes were not an option for me. I write my ideas by hand first so I can be free to concentrate on the keyboard. I am not a sitter so about two hours is my limit at the computer. I always print my words so I can edit better, and I always read my writing orally many times in order to hear their impact. I ride my bike ten miles most days, and do a lot of brainstorming on wheels. Writing my little book has given me a much deeper respect for writers of novels for it is a process for sure and a challenging one at that.

Q: What advice do you have for young writers starting out?
A: Write about something you have experienced or you are very familiar with is good advice for beginning writers.

Q: What is your favorite quote about writing?
A: “The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.” (Terry Pratchett) is one of my favorite quotes about writing.


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