At The Bookstore this Week: 8/2/15

And here we are at another August; the end of summer looms ahead but we still have four good weeks to enjoy the  Did You See That OBXsun and beach and we hope you’ll join us!

Corolla's Sand Horse Beach: Croatoan'sIn author signings this week, we welcome Kay Kerr, Joe Sledge and Kay Stone. Kay Kerr will join us Tuesday at our Corolla Historic Village store to sign copies of her  brand-new children’s picture book, Corolla’s Sand Horse Beach: Croatoan’s Memoirs; everyone loves a new book about Carova’s special Spanish stallions and Kerr’s book is a great addition to your child’s library. Joe Sledge, a former Outer Banker, is joining us in Duck Wednesday with his two new books, Did You See That? A GPS Guide to North Carolina’s out of the way attractions & Did You See That? On the Outer Banks. These practical and useful guidebooks are one-of-a-kind and perfect for those days you take off from the beach to go exploring. Children’s picture book author, Kay Stone, returns to our Scarborough Faire Days summer signing Beach Fairyseries on Wednesday to sign copies The Beach Fairy. Mark your calendars and plan to make a visit!


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