Q&A with Joe Sledge

Joe Sledge Former Outer Banker Joe Sledge has compiled a ton of information and pulled it altogether into two handy-dandy, useful guide books perfect for anyone who loves North Carolina and the Outer Banks. Joe will be joining us this Wednesday, August 5, from 3-5PM at our Scarborough Faire Days Summer signing series. Before you come out to meet Joe and pick up your copies of the books, get to know Joe!

Q: What’s the title of your new book(s)?
A: Did You See That? A GPS Guide to North Carolina’s Out of the Ordinary Attractions Did You See That NCand Did You See That? On The Outer Banks A GPS Guide to the Out of the Ordinary Attractions on the North Carolina Coast

Q: Describe the book in one sentence.
A: The Did You See That? series is a collection of the strange and wonderful places throughout North Carolina, some right off the road, some off the beaten path, complete with the GPS coordinates for each location.

Q: What books are on your bedside table?
A: The Lost City of Z by David Grann, The Inventor and the Tycoon by Edward Ball, The Did You See That OBXImprobable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by John Joseph Adams

Q: How long have you been writing?
A: While I have been writing for years, I have been writing with the intent to publish my works since 2012.

Q: Book you wish you could read again for the first time?
A: Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

Q: Favorite book and why:
A: Considering the wide range of genres, and my love of reading, I could hardly pick one. I love non-fiction, and can read The Making of the Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes, over and over. He doesn’t dumb down the experience, and wonderfully ties in history and science. But if I was going to be stranded on a desert island, I would probably like to have a (hopefully waterproof) copy of The Thurber Carnival by James Thurber. His short stories and longer tales are exciting, passionate, and wildly entertaining. Plus, Thurber was my first experience into real literature, read to me at my bedside by my father.

Q: What brings you to the Outer Banks?
A: I’m from here. I grew up on the beach, and come back every summer. Every other season, too, to visit my family and see if I need to help out a little. Every time I cross the bridge, my wife says she can see something change in me.


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