2019 Employee Reading List

Go beyond our in-store Staff Picks section and check out every book we’ve read this year. (Updated weekly)


Becoming Michelle Obama Cindy, Carrie, Susan
Slayer Kiersten White Meaghan
Trick of the Light Louise Penney Meaghan
Quench Dana Cohen Meaghan
Gone to Dust Matt Goldman Meaghan
Darker Shade of Magic VE Schwab Meaghan, Carrie, Daniel
Let Me Hear a Rhyme TIffany D. Jackson Meaghan
Cabin at the End of the World Peter Tremblay Meaghan
Scatter Joy Kathy Davis Lauri
The Good Neighbor: The Life of Fred Rogers Maxwell King Lauri
The Dream Peddler Martine Fornier Watson Lauri, Meaghan
Holy Envy: Finding God in the Faith of Others Barbara Brown Taylor Lauri
The World According to Tom Hanks Gavin Edwards Lauri
The Psychology of Time Travel Kate Mascarenhas Lori Jo, Carrie, Meaghan
Under the Knife Arnold Van De Laar Cindy