For Authors & Publicists

For Authors & Publicists

Thank you for your interest in holding an author signing at the Island Bookstore – Outer Banks. Please review the information below about signings at our store. Should it appear that there is a good fit, please contact us. At Island Bookstore, we limit author signings to the high tourist season – Memorial Day to Labor Day – when crowds are their largest. Signings are held at our Duck and Corolla locations, mid-morning, to maximize exposure to the highest foot traffic of the day.

Scarborough Faire / Duck:

Monday / Wednesday / Friday; 11AM-1PM; Maximum 1 Author per day

Historic Corolla Village / Corolla:

Tuesday / Thursday / Friday; 11AM-1PM; Maximum 1 Author per day

Please note: Our staff is under an unusually high amount of pressure during the summer to greet and assist customers, making their availability to authors limited; therefore, we ask that authors arrive within fifteen minutes of their start time and not earlier. Should there be a lull in traffic, please respect our staff’s need to accomplish their duties and responsibilities by limiting chat time with them.

We do not offer signings on the weekends; these are known as ‘turnover’ days or the days on which the incoming and outgoing visitors come pouring onto and off of our beaches. Roads back-up for hours and we see few customers on those days. Nor do we offer signings before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. No exceptions will be made.


After twenty years in business, we’ve become familiar with the best books to catch the attention of our visiting readers. Authors will be accepted to sign based on our review of the book on offer, the selling price and its potential appeal to our clientele.

Book Availability and Price: When you contact us, please include where we may purchase your book and the discount at which we may purchase it. If your book is available through a publisher with which we do business and sold at a reasonable discount (40%+), we will purchase it directly from them.

If your book is not easily available to us for purchase or if the book is self-published, we ask that the author bring copies of the book with them for the signing; typically 8-10 copies. At your signing, you will receive an invoice with which to track sales of your book; give it to us at the completion of your signing(s). We ask for a 40% discount – we will pay author 60% of the retail price – and offer 90 days dating from receiving the invoice. Authors signing more than twice in one week: please hold invoices until all signings are complete for the summer before turning them in. Because of the complexities of our business, we no longer offer consignment.

Weather: Due to space limitations and high foot traffic within our stores, signings are held outside. Authors should prepare for high heat, some wind, and possible sun exposure. Should we experience rain, we may need to cancel your event because we will not be able to move your table inside and there may not be proper coverage from rain. Cancellations will be at the discretion of the store manager(s) on duty.

Out-of-Town Authors: If you are an author who will be on the Outer Banks for vacation, we welcome you to enquire if your book is a good fit for a signing with us. We encourage you to consider signing at both our Corolla and Duck stores as they have unique visitors to each and potentially offer double the exposure.  PLEASE NOTE: Those looking to come down for a day or two to sign, be warned that there are limited hotels in the area and we are not able to offer accommodations or compensation for your stay.

Local Authors: Authors who live on the Outer Banks are invited to sign with us multiple times throughout the summer. Due to high cancellation rates in the past, we will no longer offer ‘standing’ signings (ie- All Mondays). If you would like to add dates during the summer, we welcome you to contact us to check availability.

Advertising / Media / Promotion: We will send out press releases to local media outlets, both print and online, as well as promote events on our social media pages (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Website). We encourage all authors to spread the word through your own social circles; tag us at #islandbookstoreobx on all your photo posts. And remember that prominent signage and a hook at your table help catch customer attention.

Author Materials: Authors are asked to send us materials that we can use to publicize the signing: author photos and cover images sized for social media; author biographies; book summaries, etc. Please do not send materials that you would like us to hold for your event and that will need to be returned to you; we do not have the storage or floor space to save these items.

Please contact us with your book information and signing date(s) request. Submit requests to; ATTN: Meaghan Beasley