For Authors & Publicists


It’s time again to book for the 2018 Summer Signing Series at Island Bookstore. We’re very excited to continue this annual tradition which allows us to provide authors a space and opportunity to connect with readers visiting from all over the country. Last year we hosted 55 events in three months between our two stores!

Based on feedback from authors and employees, we will be changing the schedule at our Duck store to help optimize the experience for everyone involved. We are encouraging authors to stay as long as they would like, based on crowds and sales, and to consider a signing in Corolla as well. Since we are unable to provide a signing table inside at either of our stores, we are moving the signings to earlier in the day to accommodate for heat and noise. Hopefully this new schedule will allow us to provide an optimal signing experience for everyone.

Signing Availability

Signings run from Memorial Day through Labor Day

Scarborough Faire / Duck:

Monday / Wednesday* / Friday 11-1ish

Maximum 2 Authors / day (Seating now available at two separate tables)

*Scarborough Faire Days 1-5PM: Authors may want to stay longer to take advantage of the crowds; however, always take heat and loud music into consideration. In addition, our staff will be quite busy and unable to direct as much attention and support to authors as might be desired.

Historic Corolla Village / Corolla:

Tuesday / Thursday / Friday 11-2ish

Maximum 1 Author / day

Children’s Book Authors / Illustrators: For those who would like to broaden your experience, we have opportunities this summer to combine a Story Time with your signing on Friday mornings. Please let me know if you have an interest.

Authors with Publisher / Publicist Representation: When possible, please have your publicity department book your event with us to maximize advertising and coop opportunities.

Books: Unless your book is available through a traditional publisher or wholesaler (ie- Ingram), we ask that you bring copies of your book to the signing(s) to be sold on consignment. At that time, our owner and buyer, Bill Rickman, may decide to pick up additional copies for store inventory.

Advertising / Media / Promotion: We will send out press releases to local media outlets, both print and online, as well as promote events on our social media pages (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Website). When funds are available from a publisher, we will promote a specific signing through print advertising. We encourage all authors to spread the word through your own social circles; tag us at #islandbookstoreobx on all your photo posts. And remember that prominent signage and a hook at your table help catch customer attention.

As always, please contact me with your date(s) as soon as possible. We fill up quickly, especially mid-June through mid-August. Multiple signing dates are welcome as long as space allows.

Contact: Meaghan Beasley, Marketing Manager / Buyer, Island Bookstore;