Order a Book

Looking for a book?

Give us a call at one of our three locations or email us at islandbksobx@yahoo.com and we’ll find out if we have the book in stock. We’ll put it on hold at the front desk and keep it there for about a week.

If the title you’re looking for is at another of our locations, we can have your book brought up or down the beach, usually within a day.

What if we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock at any of our stores? We can order it for you and typically have it within five working days, given availability. And there’s no additional charge to order a book.

Uh-oh! The book you’re looking for is out of print…We recommend Alibris or Powells,* two independent used book sites that will almost definitely have the book you want.

*We have no affiliation with either Alibris or Powells; we just like to support fellow IndieBooksellers.